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Everyday we use torrent to download lots of file. most of time we use utorrent or bittoerent or toher PC basedsoftwares to download torrent items. Itgrabs a lot of processing power of the PC and we also keep to power on the PC to make the torrent client active.But I use an online torrent leeching site to download my torrent files. Using the online torrent leeching site can save my PC power and electricity bills also.There are many free torrent leeching sites in the net. But I personally recommend as best torrent leeching site I have ever seen on the net.
SEEDR offers the following features

Instant Uploading and Live Streaming

torrents are fetched to the cloud within seconds that can save a lot of time andno need to download the whole file, youjust brows the desired file in the torrentpackage and choose whether to download it of stream the movies,music or books

Very fast

Seedr runs on a high-speed servers that gives you the highest downloadingspeed compared to the speed of normal torrent downloader

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