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How to Solve Android Smartphone Hanging Problem 2017

There a lot of Android users around the word and every second an Android owner faces the problem releated to freezing or hanging in their smartphones, even those that are costly. This article has tips on how to solve the hanging problem for Android smartphones.Android is among the best and greatest operating system for mobiles. A few people think that the hanging issues are caused by bugs or errors in Android OS.If you are facing the hanging issue, follow the tips below.

Tips To Solve Android Phone Hanging Problem 

1. Delete Unwanted Data to Increase Memory

Many websites uses cache to increase it's page speed. When you visit a website, your smartphone automatically store caches and cookies.The unwanted data is stored in the phone memory that leads to decreasing memory for applications and other files.Potential solution Go to Settings to Storage and click the cache, then click ok to clear caches.

2. Moves Applications to External Memory

If you install a lot of apps in your smartphones, move some to external memory. This is the best way to empty the storage of your smartphone.You can also install applications directly to the external memory card. You can set external memory card as the default memory.SolutionGo to Settings then to Storage and Tap on SD card storage.

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3. Use External Memory to Save Songs and Movies 

Too much used phone memory is one of the main reason why Android smartphones hang. To solve this issue,save videos, songs and other data in the external memory.Move your files to external phone memory by selecting the external memory as default memory. This helps in storing videos and photos once clicked by Camera

4. Factory Reset Your Smartphone

This method is not recommended. This is because factory resetting your device deletes your personal data like memos and contacts, therefore Android process willing to do it must follow the secure process.Secure process Before you perform a factory reset, backup all your important files. You can move them to the external memory card.

5. Use Cloud Storage Use

 a cloud storage option to store your files you do want to save for the future. Store only files from the memory card which you need every day and upload them to cloud storage.

6.Use Restrict Data

Friends now a days we are using many aaps on our mobile phone like whatsapp,facebook etc . but when we on data on our mobile then all apps are start consuming data and make a load on our mobile then our mobile will start restrict data on your mobile this will save your mobile data also make your mobile faster

7.Cancel any app processing

friends today i am telling you that if we open any App and this app will taking time to open then many time we stop the processing of opening the app so our mobile will confuse then our Android  smart phone will beware this

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