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AIRTEL 4G TRICK - Get Free 500 MB 4G Data in Airtel Instantly

Airtel offering free 500MB 4g data for trying airtel movies. This is a great chance to get some free high-speed internet data from airtel officially.this is not a trick actually, this is an airtel official offer as a part of their airtel movies app that you can earn free internet data on all airtel numbers. You just need to try the airtel movies app to get the free internet data.

Steps to get Free 500 MB 4G data on Airtel Sim

1.Download the myairtel app.
If you already have myairtel app then do update it to the latest version.

2.Now on the main screen [landing screen] choose apps tab. On apps tab, you can see the ‘airtel movies‘ app with the label of ‘get 500 MB free 4g data’. install airtel movies app. and open the app

4.Now register on airtel movies with yourairtel number

5.Yeah, congrats. your airtel number is credited with free 500mb 4g data now. you will get a message on successful registration.

Unlimited trick Get Free 500 MB in all your airtel numbers 

1.First, follow above steps and get free 500 MB data on your first airtel number

2.after successful credit of 500mb free data. goto settings>>apps>airtel movies>>force stop the app and do clear the data [or uninstall the app and install again]. again go to airtel movies app and register with any other airtel number. you will get free 500 MB data on
 that number after the successful registration.

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