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VMate Loot: Get Rs 200 Amazon Voucher Daily Easily [Proof Attached]

VMate Get Rs 200 Amazon Voucher Daily: Hello peeps. Here I'm presenting you a super blasting trick to get get free amazon voucher daily. Yes guys you heard very right free amazon gift voucher daily. We are always looking to you serve you in themost unique way. Ok here I revealing the most easiest way to earn free amazon gift voucher which is a limited promotional offer from VMate.VMate is an online streaming video app and as a promotional offer they are running an offer. I'mguiding all thestuffs stepwise which you have to follow carefully

Note :- Offer Valid Till 25th September. It means you get daily 10 chances up to 25th September.

Steps to Get Into VMate App:

*.Download & InstallVMate App,Click Here

*.Now at home you'llsee a banner as shown below. Click it

*.Now you see an option "Get More Cards". Click it

*.Login your facebook account

*.OK, now click "Get More Cards" again and press back button

*.No need to share anything on your facebook wall

*.Repeat above step 9 more time, Every time 1 treasure box get added

*.Stop once you reach to total 10 treasure boxes. (Maximum 10 chances a day)

*.Click on this treasure box showing "10"

*.Now open treasure box one by one

*.You'll get Cards sometime, Sometime you nothing, Sometime you get"AMAZON VOUCHER"

*.Woohooo, You've 10 treasure boxes a day, if you are lucky enough (90%) you'llget Amazon Voucher

*.See this,yesterday i tried but unluckily i didn't won amazon :( But today when i collect 10 more treasures and opened them one by one i won free amazon voucher.. Hurreyyyyyy!!

*.Amazon voucher will be given to you instant if you win. Click to "Prize" to get voucher code

*.If you are not lucky today, try out tomorrow. Happy ending

Trick to Follow More Then One Time in One Device:

*.If you've more then one (1) facebook account then you must try from 'em all

*.So once you complete from first facebook account (either lucky or not, doesn't matter) clear data VMate app and login with new facebook account

*.Follow the same steps you've followed before

*.Hope you get at least one rs 200 amazon voucher today.

How to Get Free Bangkok Trip?

*.You've to collect the five (5) cards shown in offer page

*.If you collect 5 different Madaari Cards,you can definitely win the trip to Bangkok

*.That's it, concentrate first on Amazon

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