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New Airtel Sim Unblock Methods 2016 ( Unblock Your Airtel Sim )

Here we share all airtel sim unblock methods try one by one to unblock your sim. Airtel is set limit of 250 mbto use free homepages after that your sim is blocked and your free homepage is not open so we come withworking airtel sim unblock trickby this you canunblock your blockedairtel sim and use unlimited gprs internet in airtel.

Airtel free gprs trickby this you can run free internet in your airtel sim butafter crossing 250 mb in 1 day your sim is blocked then you can not use free internet or any other airtel tricks so by our trick you successfully unblock your sim and again use free internet. You can also Check Airtel Blocked Sim Trick.
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New Method of Airtel sim Unblock

This method is take some hours to unblock your sim. So use 3 or 4 simsto run free internet if one is blocked then use another till first one is unblocked.

1.Firstly you need to activate small 3g plan ( 28 Rs 3g pack by Dialing *121*11# ).

2.Now activate Night pack of Rs. 29 by Dialing *129#.

3.Now use your 3g data ( 10 to 15 MB ).

4.Now wait for 12 AM, Use now Your Night data. ( You can use Full 500 MB data )

5.Now remove your sim for 5 days.

6.Insert sim after some hours , Your sim is Unblocked ( You can check by opening ONE.AIRTEL.IN in Zero balance ).

By Load Method

*.First of all you need to take Data loan by Dialing *140*10#.

*.You”ll get 50 MB Data with 2 Days Validity Instantly.

*.Use some of your data and Remove sim from next day.

*.Insert again after 1 day and Send this toll free message – MO to 54321.

*.Done ! Your sim is unblocked in sometime.

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By Small 2G plan Method

1.Recharge with 2g plan by dialing *567#.

2.Now deactivate 3g Zero rental plan by *121*11#.

3.Now send message “STOP” to 1925.

4.You”ll get some confirmation message, Now again Rechargeby any 3g pack by *121*11#.

5.Your airtel number is successfully unblocked.

By youtube Trial pack Method

Firstly Keep your main balance Rs. 5 then follow steps to unblock :-

*.Open in Default browser.

*.Now activate Youtube video trial pack of 100 MB.

*.Now go to Wynk Music and Click on Free Download , Cancel Wynk Music Downloads on 50 to 60 %.

*.Now Go to Wynk Movies and Click on Free Download , Cancel Wynk Movies Download on 50 to 60%.

*.Your sim is Unblocked.

Unblock airtel sim by 3g Internet Loan

1.Firstly Send this Message “STOP” to 1925.

2.After this dial *567*10# to activate 60 MB or other 3g internet loan..

3.Use free data and your sim is unblocked.

Another loan method to unblock airtel sim

1.Take Rs. 10 Loan by Dialing*567*10#.

2.Now dial *121# and activate airtel Video zone pack.

3.Now you”ll get message from airtel with Link.

4.Now open this link 5 times.

5.Switch off your phone and restart after 24 hours , You get your airtel sim is unblocked.

How to Airtel sim Unblock by Night Pack

1.FirstlyDial *567*10# in your dial pad

2.Request 50MB 2G data Loan.

3.After Activate 50mb loan pack

4.Send a Sms “NIGHT” to 121.

5.Now remove your sim from mobile

6.Insert your sim in Night at 12:00 pm

7.Start Browsing And Downloading With Default setting

8.When your your 50 mb is complete , Switch off your mobile

9.Now Again insert your sim on after 6am.( Check you get cashback data )

10.Now use the cashback data and open this free homepage normally.

11.Done ! Your airtel sim is unblocked.

Airtel sim unblock trick by 1 rs store pack

*.Firstly maintain your balance between 1 rs or 2 rs

*.Dial *121# Then Select data services

*.Click on 1 rs store After this you get message with external link

*.Just Try to open 4 to 5 times it will not open( Important step )

*.Now call customer care and say ” I am not able to open your link and give complain about browsing issue”

*.After some hours your sim is unblocked

By above methods you successfully unblock your airtel sim but this is also old and working trick without any penny but its long time process just remove your sim from mobile and Re enter after 3 to 4 days your sim is unblocked then open any free homepages it will open.

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