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Jio Effect - Airtel Launches 90 Day Free Unlimited Data Plan For 4G Users

Reliance Jio is winning the battle against all other telecom service providers with its unlimited offers. The world wants to use free 4G internet offered by Jio.It has forced other telecom companies to come up with such revolutionary ideas and hold their customers back. So here we have India’s largest services provider with an interesting new offer.
As you Know Jio giving 90 days Welcome offer for all it's new customer in which you Get 4 GB 4G data free each day with unlimited call and lots of free package also.To tackle this situation Airtel Launches various plans like free 5 GB Nigh data pack,10 GB data pack and Rs50 per Gb data packs also But as we see user still leaving the Airtel and migrating Jio 4g.
* What You Need To know..?

Here i want to clarify one thing very clear this Unlimited data plan comes under Fair Usage policy it means it is not Truly Unlimited In this Plan You Get 30 GB 4G data for 90 days and If you Consumes 30 GB then your speedis caped 64 Kbps.

Step To Get Free Unlimited Pack for Airtel Users:

This Plan is currently launch for delhi Circle Only and soon available all circles. For Taking this plan You need to Recharge Rs 1495 if you are existing user and If you bought new connection or new user you need to recharge Rs 1494 Only. By Doing DataRecharge You Get 30 GB 4G data for 90 Days only.

Conclusion:- so Guys ,it is Good times after so longin Indian Data History that price war isbegan between telecom industry and it effect is this that now data plan is reduced day by day and in future we hope it reduce more.As of quality matter Airtel always No 1 and in Quantity Jio 4G now it is in your Hand which Brand you choose and How youutilize this offers.

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