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Google Allo App - New Messaging App By Google & Its Features (Download Now)

Google has launched Allo — a messaging app that helps users make plans, find information and more, all within the chat. After Duo, the video-calling app, Allo has let users expect a lot from the tech giant. It was first introduced at the Google I/O 2016 developers conference on May 18, 2016.

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Features are introduced in Allo Messaging App

* Smart reply, sharing photos, emojis and stickers

* Easy for users to respond quickly

* Provides assistance when you need itSmart repliesThe smart replies feature allows users to select options from given suggestions. The app learns to give more suggestions based on a user’s usual replies.

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What can you do?

By asking Google Assistant this question, it gives a number of options like set up an alarm, book a movie, interesting facts, poems, proverbs, videos and more. There’s even an ‘I’m bored’ button and your Assistant shows you a funny video.Users can also type @google to bring the Assistant into chats with friends.Apart from answers, Google Assistant inGoogle Allo can also provide latest news, weather, traffic, sports, or upcoming flight status.

How to install?

Get Google Allo on Play Store From Here

The installation is an easy process, just like Duo, since the app just needs the user to enter his number and the waitingtime is less than 50 seconds. You can take a selfie for a profile picture, or skip that part and move on to start messaging.

Incognito mode

One of the best features that’s not usually available in such apps is the incognito mode, which gives a user end-to-end encription, message expiration and discreet notifications.


The app, available on Android and iOS platforms, has enabled smart replies in “Hinglish” and rolled out 200 stickers created by popular independent artists that are specifically relevant to Indian users.

SMS contacts 

The Allo app can send SMS to your contacts who are not yet on Allo. It will land as a message to download the app but the recipient can send a reply to you as SMS.

However, Allo can't be set as the default messaging app.A user can select which of his contacts are to be blocked.

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