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Trick To Use Free JIO 4G SIM In All 3G Phones (Working)

As many persons are not getting network in their 3g handset because Jio 4g is only work in 4g Mobile phones but here i will tellyou trick for that you can easily use jio 4g sim in 3g handsets. You can enjoy internet but you can’t call from your 3g handset because voLte required to call.So follow below step & Enjoy Jio in 3G Handset!

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Note :- This trick is little risky so try at on your risk.

Steps to use jio 4g sim in 3G handset:-

• First of all you have to Download Engineering mode app

• After downloading just install Engineering  mode app

• Now app and then select MTK settings > select preferred network option

• Then there you will see list of network there you have to select 4G LTE/WCDMA/GSM & then you have to reboot your device

• Now enter your jio sim in slot 1 and leave slot 2 as empty

That’s it now you can enjoy 3g network & you will get 3g speed not 4G!!

This Trick is for educational Purpose only.We are not responsible for anything!!Enjoy!!

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How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones-

Qualcomm Devices (Unconfirmed Trick)

1.) First Of All Just Download The Shortcut Master Lite App Click Here To Download..

2.) Now Install Out the Shortcut Master Just Know:-Use the secret menu very Very carefully,Something Wrong Can Brick Your Android Device if you don’t know what you are doing then don’t do it!!

3) Go To Menu in Shortcut Master And Search for “ Service Menu ”Or” EngineeringMode “

4.) To get The Best Results Just Select “System App” Option. If Found then open it and access to change LTE Bands If that doesn’t work,

5) Once You Got the Engineering Mode , Open It and SelectChange LTE Bands.

6) If the above Doesn’t Work Then Dial*#2263#then Select Menu And Click Back Again Then Select Menu.

7) Then Go To Key Input And Enter“0000”without quotes, Then Wait For Couple Of Seconds ,after that You Will Get Popup.

8) Select UE Settings From that Popup, afterthat Select setting > protocol > NAS > Network Control > Band Selection > LTE Band >The Select “Band 40”.

9) Now you can Insert Jio Sim & Check Whether You Are Getting Signals Or Not.

10) Restart the Device and Place it in First slot done Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G Internet

 you Will Get Only 3G Speed As Your Phone is Not True 4G Phone You have just Tweaked It As 4G and Made JIO SIM Recognise Your 3G phone as 4G Device So Guys,
 This Is The method To RUN JIO SIM in 3G PhonesDo Check and Revert me Back If You are getting any Trouble while Doing Above Procedures..

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones Method-3

If You are not getting Free Jio 4G in 3G Phones By above Methods Then You have to Follow This Method, If You are Having Some compatible phone Then This Method Will Also Work In Phone.This Trick Will Work InStock Android or Pure Android ROM like Cynogenmod,Resurrection remix Rom etc.

1.Go to Your Phone Dialer and Dial This*#*#4636#*#*

2. You will get Screen Named” testing “

3. Click On First Option  Named” Phone Information “

4. Scroll Down Below And You can See” SetPreferred Network Type “

5. You can See Many Options There , You have to Select Option havingLTE Option

6. You can Also SelectLTE/GSM/CDMAoption

7. Select this and Reboot Your Device..

8. Now Put Your JIO 4G sim in First Slot

9. Boot Back into Phone and Wait for 3G Jio Network It can take Upto 30 Mins10. Done , Enjoy Unlimited Free JIO 4G

How to Use JIO 4G SIM in 3G Phones- Method 4

1) First of all you need to download Xorware 2G/3G/4G Switcher & Xorware 2G/3G/4G Interface App. You have to download this Apps

2) Now Then OpenXorware interface App, it will help you choose the network settings.

3) After that SelectNetwork Modeto 4G/LTE.

4) Click on Apply to select Changes.

5) Now Switch Off Your Device and Put Your Free Jio Sim in First Slot and Wait For Jio Network In Your 3G Device.

6) That’s it now you can use Reliance Jio 4G Sim in 3G Phone.

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