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Airtel Easy Working 10 Unblock Sim Methods Trick 2016

Is Your Airtel Sim Got Blocked? Are You Unable To Use Free Internet. Don't Worry Now We are here with SomeLatest Method To Unblock Airtel SimSo that you can again starte browsing free Internet. Many a Time it happens That our sim gets block after using certain MBfor Free. For Airtel They block Sim if The Sim Card Access More then 400 to 500 MB of Free Internet. And once Your sim Gets Block your internet Stopped Working , Your Sim Start Behaving Abnormal Way Even if You Have Recharge with 3G or 2GInternetPack. This all Because Your Sim Operator is Running base on Certain Algorithm, Which Allowes to Use Certain Amount of Free Mb After you have consump that Amount or After Crossing the Limit of Free MB which is Set by Operator , Your Sim Gets Temporarily Block.

*.Airtel Free Internet Trick

But Now As We are here with this Airtel Sim Unblocking Trick , You don't need ToWorry even a bit. Because Now You can Simply Unblock Your Block Airtel Simby Below Mention Tricks. So Follow the Below Mention Steps One after another and Your Sim Will Unblock.

List of Tricks To Unblock Your Block Airtel Sim

Trick 1

1.First Recharge with Rs 10.Now Activate Small 3G Pack.

2.Open Facebook App and Browse until Your Data gets Over.

3.Then Recharge with Rs 5 2G Pack bydailing *222#.

4.Connect internet with PC and Open Your Facebook Account .

5.use Facebook Till You Pack is Over.After Your Pack is Over Disconnecte internet .

6.Now Finally Restart Your Phone.

done if This Trick didn't Work for you Then Try Other Tricks From Below

Trick 2

1.At First Remove Your Sim Card From Your Phone.

2.Now insert it in Any Non GPRS Phone ( Use Black and White Phone)

3.Then Send SMS "MO to 54321"Now Wait For 1 hour.

4.Finally Insert Your Sim Back to Your Phone .

You will Get Internet Setting. Which Means Your Sim is Unblocked.

Trick 3

Spoofing with SMS

Send SMS as "FACEBOOK" to 54321

Again send SMS as "FB" to 54321

Again send SMS as "FACE" to 54321

Again send SMS as "FACE BOOK" to 54321Wait for 1 hour Your sim will unblocked

 (if not worked send SMS"FB" to 54321 for atleast 8 time)

Trick 4

1.First Send "PORT" to 1900

2.After Some time Customer Care will Call You Up and Will Ask the reason why you want to Port .

3.Simply Tell Them That

"You Bought Airtel Sim As Airtel is Giving Free Facebook but Now They are Not Giving Free Facebook."

4.Now they will Unblock your sim Saying that "we will check the problem dont port"

Thats it now your sim will get unblocked Within No Time.

Trick 5

1. First of All Go to Your Message and create new message "STOP" and Send itto "1925"

2. Now after sending the message your internet service with main balance will bedeactivated.

3. Now get 3G loan 60mb by dialing USSD Code – *141#

4. Done. Now wait for 24 hours.

5. After 24 Hours your Airtel sim will unblocked successfully.

 I have tried it and it works many times for me.

Trick 6

1. First GO TO

2. Now click on videos banner.

3. Now click on it and buy Rs 5 20mb data pack.

4. And browse some airtel free homepages.

5. Now Your Airtel sim Unblocked Successfully

Trick 7

1) First keep your Mail Balance below Rs.5 to Rs.1

2) Now Visit the Given Link – your Phone default browser.

3) Now Activate the YouTube video trail pack of 100 MB (First try skipping this step, if not works then do this step)

4) Now Go to Wynk Music and click on free download.

5) When your downloads reach 50-60% cancel it.

6) Now Go to Wynk movies and click freedownload.

7) Same As Before When the download reaches 50-60% disconnect it.

8) You have successfully unblocked yourAirtel sim.
Trick 8

1. First at all Maintain your Main balance as Rs.30

2. Now go to dial and enter the USSD code*129#

3. And now activate night pack like 500 MB 3G at Rs.29.

4. Done. You have now 500 MB for this Pack (12 AM-7 AM).

5. But you have to use all 500 MB Data. And mostly open Airtel Live Pages and Facebook.

6. Or You can leave them open in any previous tab.

7. Done!! You Airtel Sim get unblocked and other homepages also open like

Trick 9

1. First recharge your Airtel mobile number with WhatsApp pack

2. And use the WhatsApp until 5-10 MB Remains

3. Now try to

4. If This Page Open .

5. That means your sim is Unblock now.

6. Finally sim get unblockedand other homepages also open like

Trick 10

1. Just take Internet loan on Your Airtel Sim.

2. Dial *141# and now use Internet in Normal way

3. Don't try to useTCP trickor otherProxy trick

4. Now when some MB Remains .

5. and your sim is unblocked.

So This is All About How To Unblock Blocked Airtel Sim To Use Free Internet Tricks. We have not tested all the Above Tricks, So Just Give it A Try and See Which One is Working For You. Hope till Now You Have Successfully Unblocked Your Sim. Now Finally EnjoyFree Internet on Your airtel Sim.

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