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Airtel Data Back Offer – Get 50% Internet Data + Airtel To Airtel Minutes Back Used From 12:AM to 6:00AM

Airtel Data Back Offer – Airtel is offering flat 50% internet data + airtel to airtel (A to A) minutes back used during night i.e. from 12:00AM to 6:00AM. Previously we have posted many airtel tricks and now we are posting airtel data back offer. You will get 50% data or minutes back which can be used on day as well as night. This is an amazing offer from airtel. Inthis post we will guide you how to get get 50% internet data or minutes back which are used during night. To use airtel data back offer, follow the steps below.

How To Get 50% Data or Minutes BackUsing Airtel Data Back Offer :

-1) Open Your Phone dialer

2) Dial “55555

3) Now the call will be disconnected automatically.

4) Wait for few minutes, you will receive a SMS regarding activation of the offer.

That’s it. You will get 50% data or minutes back used during night.

For example –

You have used 500MB data between 12:00Am to 6:00AM after activating airtel data pack offer. Then you will get 250MB data back in your account which can be used to surf more internet.

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Terms & Conditions :-

1) This Night Cashback offer is valid for all Airtel Prepaid subscribers (User) in India who have activated andhave a valid data pack.

2) Upon successfully opting in by any of the above methods, the user will receive a confirmation SMS from Airtel.

3) Post successful opt in, for any data of the activated data pack consumed by the User through his/her mobile phone between 0000 hours to 0600 hours, 50% of the data consumed between this period will be credited back to the MSISDN of the User (2G or3G or 4G from a data pack).

4) The eligible (Night) usage will be the usage between 0000 Hours to 0600 hours. The data cashback will bereceived after the first charging session/usage post 0600 hours every day.

5) The user will receive an SMS every morning (post 0600 hours) with the amount of data cashback that is beingcredited to the user’s account.

6) The data received as cashback will have the same validity as the user’s active data pack.

7) Consent given for Night Cashback is valid for the next 28 days.

8) For availing the offer post 28 days, the user will have to opt-in to the offer again.

9) Such further consent provided will extend the offer by 28 days from the day of consent.

10) The cashback will be 2G if data is consumed from a 2G pack, 3G/4G if data is consumed from 3G/4G pack.

11) Night Store Daily Data Packs (validity of 1 night) and pay-per-usage-data (charges applicable when no data pack is active) are not eligible forthe cashback offer.

12) Similarly, any free data received (such as bundled offers with new handsets, etc) or service specific datapacks (such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Wynk, etc) are not eligible for the Night Cashback offer.

13) In case of Unlimited 2G/3G packs, the cashback will be applicable only on the Data Credited as part of the pack, and not the usage on throttled speeds. (eg. On a Rs 655 recharge that gives 3GB UL usage, the cashback will be applicable only on the 3GB and not on the usage post that). Airtel data back offer.

14) In data packs where the data is partly regular data and partly night data, the data cashback for the night data portion of the data pack being used will be dependent on the existingbase pack of the user. AIrtel data backoffer.

15) If that is 3G/4G, the user will get 3G/4G data cashback. Else the data cashback will be 2G.

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