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Steps to Compress 1 GB File into 10 MB using KGB Archiver Software

Imagine that situation when your PC’s hard disk is full and want to store more files but don’t want to delete a single file from your hard disk , then what to do? In this situation all you have to do just compress all big files. Not only this reason there are several reasons when we need to compress the big files. Actually, compressing a file means decrease the size of a file without losing a single system file from it. So if you faced problem with your big sized files and want to compress it in small size but don;’t know how then read this article because today in this article we are going to show you how to compress 1 GB files into 10 MB using KGB archiver.

There are hundreds of software’s are on internet, through which you can compress the files and decrease their size but majorities are fake or had a virus on it. One of them is WinRAR, this tool can compress our file by 10% and it will decrease the size of our files by 10% (Maximum). So in this case KGB archiver is the best option to compress any big file because this tool can compress any file up to 90%.

Advantages of KGB Archiver Software:

- This software is total free of cost

- Small in size and Easy to Use

- Activation does not required

- It can create a password protected compress file

- 90% compression rate

- Compatible with many extension

Steps to Compress 1 GB File into 10 MB using KGB Archiver Software:-

• First of all, Download the software from Here

• Install it on your PC, Then Open the KGB Archiver Software

• Select “Compress Files ” option and Click Next

• On the next tab, select the folder or path where you want to save the compressed file and give a name of the file

• Then select the Compression level from Normal to Maximum and leave archive format as KGB

• Select that file which you want to Compress by Click on Add File option

• After doing all this steps, Click on Next, file compression process will start.This will take several minutes, depend on your file size.
That’s all. You can use this tool to extract the compressed file at any time.

Note: 10mb per 1GB. (like 20mb for 2GB of file.)

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