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Airtel Trick To Use Unlimited 3G In Night - 2016

Steps - how to use unlimited 3g data at night:

1. First recharge with any small 3g pack in your airtel sim
note - also maintain your main balance around Rs 10
2. Now after 11.30 PM [ night ] , enable 3g data connectivity on your airtel sim. that is set internet connectivity as manual and set as WCDMA or 3G. And start using 3g data..
Note- use little data... but don't turn off your data connection. and make sure that it is connected to 3g network

3. Then dial *129# and activate AIRTEL NIGHT 2G UNLIMITED PACK.
Note - do this step also before 12 AM

4. Now after 12 Am you can enjoy unlimited 3g data.
that is you can browse and download unlimited data in your airtel sim in 3g speed [ night time ]

Note - Don't turn off your data connection. If you turn off your data connection then you will get only 2g. so keep your data connection ON.


Steps - Airtel Free 3g internet night pack trick September 2015

1. first Dail *129# or call 129 from your airtel sim
2. Now select night store option
3. Then activate airtel 250 mb 3g facebook plan [12 am to 6 am] for 1 Rs
4. After successful activation Go to troid VPN >> Advance settings
5. Now save below settings on Troid VPN
    proxy Host- 188:138:61:118 
    port- 3128

6. Now connect Troid VPN and enjoy free 250 Mb 3g internet on your airtel

Note - Do the steps [ from 4 to 6] on between 12 am-6am

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