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Speakfree : How to Make Free Calls in India Without Internet

calling appsorfree calling trick without internet, IN this trick you don’t need internet for calling and its unlimited also by our trick.You just Dial toll free number and then dial your friends number your call is connected then you can call freely also good feature is call quality is also very good so guys just try it.

How to make free calls in india without internet 

Firstly Download Speakfree free calling app.

Install and Open Speakfree Register For free account on it by entering name, facebook id ( Just enter anything in fb id)

Then Select District ( Any )Accept terms and click on next You see pop up for sending sms from your mobile to deactivate dnd just cancel it because it not make any sense Done !

Now you can turn off your data if you wish

How to make Unlimited free calling trick in india

*.After doing above steps you see dialer just enter your number and make call in speakfree

*.If your Call is not connected then make another call and after pick up again enter your friend number your call is connected in 10 seconds

*.You can call also manually by your dialer just call18001231312( From Registered number only )

*.After pick up enter your friends number and enjoy free calling

*.Call is disconnected every 3 minutes so repeatprocess and make free 30 minutes calling daily
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Unlimited Speakfree call trick

For unlimited just clear data of this app and make new account everytime by above steps and then use manually steps for calling from register number and make 30 minutes calling daily from one number

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